Welcome to Sip™Science and the Sip App.

We are excited to have you join us!

Thank you for becoming a participating venue with SipScience! Please use this page as a resource to guide you through the rest of the onboarding process. SipScience asks that you keep this information confidential. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at or 773.455.0300.

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Steps to Onboard

Step 1. Sign the Sip Venue Terms of Service and Set up a free Stripe Merchant Account

An authorized financial manager or venue owner must create a free Merchant Account so that funds processed through the Sip App can be deposited to your venue's bank account. 

  • To get started visit:

  • Once you complete the sign up process, you will be presented with the Sip Venue Terms of Service via DocuSign for you to review and sign. 

  • Once you are finished, navigate to the home screen, select the banking tab, and click "Connect with Stripe". 

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your venue's free Stripe Merchant Account.


You don't have to worry about credit card processing fees for customers using the Sip App. SipScience covers the cost of all processing fees and handles any chargebacks from members. In the event of chargebacks from non-members, SipScience may assist in defending chargebacks.

Step 2. Install software is a third-party software that allows the Sip App to communicate with your POS system.

If your venue is already integrated with, please forward your Omnivore Location ID (found in your Omnivore Control Panel) to your SipScience contact. SipScience will then work with your venue and schedule a one hour Zoom call to complete the configuration process (Step 2).

If your venue is not already integrated with, follow the steps below to complete the installation process:

  • From the computer where the POS is housed, pull up a webpage and type in this URL:

  • Click the download button and follow the onscreen instructions to install. 

  • Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to schedule a one hour Zoom call with an Omnivore specialist and a SipScience team member to complete the configuration process (Step 3). 

Step 3. Configure the software

On the selected date and time of your Zoom call, an authorized venue staff member (a general manager, owner, or other key management personnel) should join the Zoom call from the computer where the POS is housed (a.k.a. the back-of-the-house computer).​


You will be directed to install software from so that the technical specialist from Omnivore will have the ability to work on the computer remotely. The following fields will be set up in the venue's POS system to allow communication between the POS server and the Sip App:

  • Sip Employee

  • Sip Employee Class

  • Sip Tender Type

  • Sip Order Type

Step 4. Perform a Live Test of the Sip App and POS Integration

SipScience will reach out to schedule a live test of the POS Integration and the Sip App. This will require a venue staff member to be on-site to:

  • Verify that a tab has been successfully opened on the POS system from the Sip App. 

  • Add item(s) to a Sip tab

  • Verify the Sip tab is closed on the POS once it is closed in the app.

  • Test POS terminals in different areas of the venue to ensure that the app functions correctly in all situations.

  • Verify that the order total, tax, and tip were correctly delivered to venue's Stripe Merchant Account.

  • Verify that the Sip Tender Type displays correctly on nightly reports (this to be followed up on after the live test).

Please note: It is requested that the venue contact have access to the POS server in the event that any troubleshooting or adjustments are needed.

Congratulations! Your venue is all set up! The SipScience team will work with you to determine a launch date to Go Live on the Sip App at which point your venue will be visible to our community. Sip App users in your area will be notified via a push notification and email that a new venue has been added to their home area!

Initial and Ongoing Training


The Sip App was designed to work seamlessly with your Venue's existing POS system, so staff training is minimal. The venue and staff maintains control over the transactions and the relationship with the customer. Here's how it works:

  • The customer will inform the staff that they already have a tab open using the Sip App. The tab will be identified as the customer's last name followed by a random two digit number (ex. Smith 57)

  • The customer orders from the staff as usual, and items are added to their Sip tab on the POS terminal.

  • Once the customer is ready to close out for the night, they can close their tab from the app or simply leave and we'll close the tab automatically (don't worry - they will have a default tip amount set which will be applied once their tab is closed!)

  • If needed, venue managers have the ability to close a tab through the merchant portal.

The Money Trail


A Brief Overview

  1. The customer opens a tab using the Sip App and their card is pre-authorized.

  2. Venue staff adds their order items to the open tab.

  3. The tab is closed either manually by the customer or automatically when the customer leaves the premises.

  4. The total check amount, including subtotal, tip and tax is sent to the credit card processor (

  5. The resulting funds are deposited into the Venue's Merchant Account on the Stripe platform.*

  6. The Venue performs normal end of shift/night reconciling processes.


*Note: The settlement time from credit card close to cash available is 5-7 days, however, transactions will appear immediately.

The Details

Customers can only enjoy the benefits of the Sip App by opening a tab using the app. If the customer has drink credits they would like to have applied to their order, those credits will only be available to them if the tab is opened and closed using the app.


The customer can close their tab from the app or it will be automatically closed when they leave the premises. The tab can also be manually closed by venue management using the Merchant Portal.


The Sip App processes the payment and charges the customer card on record. The tab is also recorded in the POS as if it were any other tab, except the tender type will be displayed as "Sip". At the end of a shift, venue staff can perform all normal practices to account for a customer's spending within the POS system.  

The Venue's Merchant Account on Stripe belongs to the venue. SipScience does not have access to funds deposited in this account. All settled transactions from Sip app customers are deposited daily into the venue's Merchant Account.

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 4.54.47 PM.png

Marketing Materials


SipScience understands that the marketing materials in your venue need to be engaging and relevant to drive sales. With this in mind, SipScience offers a variety of Sip branded marketing materials to make some noise about your participation in the Sip App program. These materials are available at no cost. Venues can choose from:

  • Coasters or mini cards for staff to hand out

  • Table toppers

  • Window stickers/decals

  • Laminated reference sheets for staff


Reach out to with your requests and items will be shipped directly to your venue. The SipScience team will also provide your venue with with a social media kit, specifically designed to announce your launch with the Sip App!

Troubleshooting and Requesting Support


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach our Venue Operations support line at 773.455.0300 or email us directly at

Have Questions? Visit our FAQ Now!


Welcome to Sip™Science and the Sip App.

We are excited to have you join us!

Thank you for joining the Sip App community! We are excited to work with you, and are looking forward to bringing loyal customers to your venue.