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Three Mixologists We Love

With Happy Hours on a brief and unclear hold in the new global landscape, we at SipScience have turned our social media channels to the real superheroes of original and newsworthy content: Mixologists!

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good old draft beer, but there is nothing like that first sip of a freshly shaken, stirred, or poured cocktail made just for you by someone who loves their craft. We are also falling in love with their unique personalities and approaches to bringing their message to their audiences.

To show what we’re talking about, here are three mixologists that we love:

Tommy Paul

Instagram Handle: @TommyyPaul and @alchemix_

Best recipe: Monkey Gland

Unique Style: This speakeasy style bartender is a true student of his craft. Tommy explores the origins of each recipe he encounters, making him a true historian and connoisseur, making sure we think about the flavors that come together to get us buzzing.

Sother Teague

Instagram Handle: @CreativeDrunk

Best recipe: Orchard Street Cobbler

Unique Style: Sother gives it to us straight up! And sometimes, with peanut butter. He’s a world traveler, a brilliant and fun content creator, and his Podcast titles Speakeasy will give you a fly on the wall listen to what some of the best in the industry have to say about drinks and drinking. We also think he may also become hashtag royalty with this one: “I’m Just Here For the Drinks” #IJHFTD

Ash Lewis

Instagram Handle: @professional_lush

Best recipe: Negroni

Unique Style: This Vegas native gives us all the good and real time vibes! She keeps it real with her content, posting about the past, present and future, partnerships and lives with other cocktail content aficionados, and her journey towards perfecting one cocktail at a time.

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