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Make Your Virtual Happy Hour One to Remember with 5 Fun Themes

While most of the world waits out the coronavirus crisis in some level of quarantine, virtual happy hours have emerged as one of our country’s favorite ways to break up a long day indoors and make the transition from work to, well, life. Many were already using videoconferencing platforms like zoom to hold meetings for work, so it’s only natural that coworkers and friends have started scheduling calls after-hours for some much-needed socialization.

Besides getting tipsy with your coworkers, one of the most exciting things about happy hour IRL is creating a unique experience: your crew might stick to a favorite locale or venture to a new dive every week. Either way, the atmosphere, the drinks, the whole mood, is up to your choosing. But while we’re sheltered-in-place, the choices are much more limited. (Do you sit on the couch or at the table? Hmm...)

If you’re looking for ways to shake up the 5:00 PM cocktail hour and maybe give your team a morale boost, challenging them to participate in a themed happy hour might be just the thing to inspire a good time—and some good laughs. Consider sharing a virtual tip jar for service industry employees in your area or collecting “tips” for a local charity during your event to make your experience even more meaningful.

Here are some ways to re-create that special experience of finding a neighborhood bar that goes all-out on theme. The improvisation of creating your theme from whatever you have lying around the house is what makes these events really fun; your guests shouldn’t need to buy anything special to participate. All it takes is a webcam and some creativity.

Off to the Races: Kentucky Derby Mint Juleps

While the actual Kentucky Derby has been postponed until September this year, early May still feels like the right time to enjoy a mint julep and wear your flashiest hat. If you can get someone’s dogs to race around the living room, you might be able to re-create the gambling aspect. (Place your bets!) If nothing else, it’s an excuse to dress to the nines and act like aristocrats.

Roaring ‘20s Virtual Speakeasy

Remember back when we were all excited about it being the Roaring ‘20s again? Party like they did during prohibition and create a sense of intrigue by setting your zoom password to something scandalous. Share this list of ‘20s slang to spice up the conversation and make like a real “egg.” Fedoras and flapper dresses are encouraged!

Mad Men Executive Affair

If being at home has you feeling like it’s 1962, embrace it and round up your gang for a Mad Men-themed happy hour. Break out the fine china, play some vinyl records and smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. If you want to go the extra mile, dress up in your best Don Draper suit or a ‘60s-inspired frock and pearls. You could mix a classic Manhattan or an Old Fashioned, but any dark liquor you can drink straight out of a crystal tumbler will do. Keep the madness going by watching the best party episodes.

Sex and the City Girls’ Gathering

Every girl squad has their Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte—get them together for some hot gossip and Cosmopolitans at a Sex and the City happy hour. Include this character quiz with the zoom link and invite your friends to channel their SATC alter-ego. Chronicle your greatest (and most shocking) dating stories or rank the many, many love interests the fab four have had between them. Finish by raising a glass to the power of female friendship.

Staycation Tiki Bar Happy Hour

If staying indoors has you craving the feeling of sand between your toes, create some tropical vibes with a tiki bar theme! Prompt your team to mix up a fruity drink like a margarita or a mai tai and wear Hawaiian shirts, tank tops, tribal prints or anything that makes you feel beachy. Download a zoom background from Belize or Bikini Bottom to really set the mood.

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