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Influencers We See as the Kings and Queens of Happy Hour

Scrolling past the beautiful people on Instagram can be intimidating, to say the least. But there are some influencers out there who keep it real! We scoured the ‘gram for mixologists, bartenders, artists, sommeliers, connoisseurs and all-out booze enthusiasts that are not just aesthetically on-point but look like they would be a blast to hang out with. And we were not disappointed!

Take a look through these A+ Insta feeds and you will find honest and sometimes cringe-worthy reviews of trendy new brands, dreamy happy hour destinations, un-pretentious recipes you can make at home and more than a few fun surprises. They’re a boozy bunch, but we also noticed a lot of posts about balancing high times with a healthy lifestyle. Don’t we all wish we could make turning up look this good?

1. Johnny & Neka, @cocktailbandits

Hailing from Charleston, SC, Cocktail Bandits Johnny & Neka offer “a feminine, urban, perspective to the food, beverage, hospitality and tourism market.” They are super involved with their local scene, which we love (check out their book Holy Spirits! Charleston Culture Through Cocktails) but their influence in the beverage world travels much farther.

2. Julie Roeser, @craftbeerdeer

When she’s not making her way to breweries and pubs around the country, Julie samples the good, the great and the weird (hello French’s mustard beer) from her cozy apartment. She’s an open book about getting crafty with everything that goes on behind the scenes to create her shabby-chic photos: one caption reads “Made a tripod with the recycling bin and tissue box for this one.” You can totally tell she’s in it for the love of beer, and we’d follow her anywhere!

3. Jason F. Yu, @jasonfyu

Jason does a little bit of everything: bartender, cinematographer, sommelier, archer, cookie enthusiast...you name it. His eclectic interests are probably what makes his posts so creative and fun—and the fact that he always peppers in a bit about what he’s up to. Jason is a regular artist behind the bar and basically everywhere else.

4. Alle Pierce, @allepierce

As the host of travel show Alle Abroad and an award-winning journalist, Alle jet sets all over the world. And you can always find her with a tropical, exotic, or outrageous cocktail in hand! So if you’re looking for a happy hour in London, Paris, Sao Paolo, Mumbai, or Dubrovnik, Alle could probably point you to somewhere fabulous.

5. Karl, @spiritandspoon

Karl is a self-described “OG bartender with Camera,” and there’s always an interesting back-story behind his creations. He’s great at simple, modern takes on classic concoctions and regularly features a Cocktail Roulette: a crowd sourced recipe chosen from a multiple list of ingredients.

6. Elliott, @apartment_bartender

If you’re looking to take your home bar to the next level, the Apartment Bartender is your guy. Or, as his profile describes, “Your Semi-Decent Guide to Great Drink & Great Living.” Often just mixing a couple of high-quality ingredients with a little truth about life as a stay-at-home bartender, Elliott’s content has been super-relatable as of late.

7. Bad N Boozy Broads @badnboozybroads

They’re just getting started, but the Bad N Boozy Broads are up for anything—and they take their liquor straight. Their intensely honest reviews (and unapologetic shot faces) are too real to pass up! “Two Denver broads who live above a liquor store,” Shelby and Jontae were clearly blessed with the ideal quarantine situation. We hope they keep serving up the realness!

8. Brenton, @cheerstohappyhour

It’s in the name! Brenton is your go-to source for the best drinks at home or in his home base, Toronto. He shares a great balance of unique recipes and locales, and often, recipes FROM Toronto’s finest drinkeries that you can recreate at home. Pretty impressive, eh?

9. Kelly Mitchell, @kellymitchell

Kelly Mitchell is your insider’s guide to wine and travel in Napa Valley. If you’ve got a sophisticated palate and a taste for the finer things, The Wine Siren is your gal. Exquisite but earthy, natural but sumptuous, Kelly’s feed is all things California chic.

10. Ashley Rose - @craftandcocktails

Ashley Rose might actually be the “hostess with the mostest.” Her feed looks like the fanciest, happiest garden party this side of wonderland, with lavish cocktails and ornate tablescapes that would put Martha Stewart to shame. If entertaining is your jam, you will love what Ashley Rose is serving up.

Give these professional beverage buffs a follow to give your IG feed an instant lift—and enjoy your mouth-watering supply of delicious drink ideas. Sign up for the SIP app to get connected with the best happy hours a little closer to home!

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