Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of customers does Sip bring to my venue?

The Sip App attracts high-value, loyal customers who consistently spend a high dollar amount (and bring friends!). There are two kinds of Sip App users - members and non-members. Sip Members pay a monthly membership fee that entitles them to 50% discounts on 12+ drinks per month. Non-members pay full-price for all orders.

How are orders placed on Sip?

Customers open and close their tabs using the Sip App. They place their food and drink orders with their bartender or server, as usual. The venue staff then enters their order onto the customer's Sip tab on the POS. By allowing customers to close their own tabs, there’s no need to ever deliver a bill, saving time for the customers and staff.

Can customers split a check using Sip?

Not at this time.

How do Sip discounts work? Does the discount apply to food?

Customers who pay for a membership to the Sip App get access to a limited number of drink credits. Each drink credit is worth 50% off of drinks that are priced up to $16. Discounts are capped at $8, so if the customer orders a $10 drink, they will get $5 off. If they order an $18 drink, they will get $8 off because of the cap. The discount will automatically be applied to only drinks.

What POS systems are compatible with Sip?

Toast Clover Aloha Brink Dinerware Micros 3700 Micros Simphony FE Micros Simphony POSitouch Squirrel XPIENT

When will my venue Go Live with Sip?

We want to drive our high-value consumers to your venue as quickly as we can. The Go Live Date will vary based on: - Your current POS system - The number of participating venues in your area - General onboarding and staff training - Local and state guidelines as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

How do tips work?

Tips are calculated on the pre-discounted total of a tab. All customers start with a default tip amount of 20%. The customer can adjust the tip percentage (between 0% and 100%) within the app.

Can customers double dip on discounts?

Any venue discounts such as happy hours, manager specials, etc. that are coded as specials by the venue may not be compounded with the Sip App discount, however, the venue will need to work with the SipScience team to make sure the items are categorized correctly on the backend so that Sip discounts are not applied to already discounted items.

Is there a referral program?

We want to incentivize venue staff to promote the Sip App so that your venue can get the most return out of our program. SipScience has plans to implement a referral program where venue staff can earn $5.00 for each new paying subscriber. We will notify you when this feature becomes available.

Can customers use the Sip App without paying for a membership?

Yes. Customers can use the Sip App without paying for a membership. They get access to 3 drink credits as a courtesy when they download the app and are charged a 3% transaction fee for each transaction.

Are there restrictions on how many drink credits can be used on one tab?

A maximum of five drink credits will be applied to the customer's tab. This is to protect the venue from customers abusing the program and accessing discounts for large parties. Additionally, customers must wait at least 10 minutes between closing a tab with drink credits applied and opening and closing a new tab with drink credits applied. These restrictions are built into the Sip App.

What happens if a customer leaves the premises without closing their Sip tab?

Their default tip amount will be applied to their bill and the tab will automatically close with their pre-authorized card they have saved in the Sip App.