Sip gets you deals on the best drinks at bars near you.

The Sip App streamlines your drinking experience. Based on your location or where you're looking to sip, we'll tell you what's popular and what's a great deal at each of our nearby partners.

Open a tab.

No wallet required. 

You can order your drink directly on the Sip App, and keep track of what you order throughout the night without ever needing to open a tab or risk leaving your card behind. 

Find happy hour specials and deals near you with the Sip app.

Find a local bar or restaurant that suits your style. 
Great deals on local drinks, epic tips on the best places to sip near you, and keep track of your nights out while saving big. Available now on the App Store!

We're launching in cities across the US now!.

Ask your favorite bar to offer the Sip App. 

We're launching our app for bars and venues across the United States! 
Are we not in your city yet? Join our mailing list and we'll notify you when we are! 

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